Find Your Voice Program

Find Your Voice Program

• Therapeutic program which provides a supportive environment and empowers youth to develop speech and stuttering goals.

• Students will be taught more about stuttering phenomenon and embrace their own meaning of what it means to be a stutterer.

• Students will develop their plan of action for practicing speaking techniques through reading, audiotapes and software programs and will work with speech therapists to assist in achieving their plan

• In group, students will talk amongst each other about their struggles and inadequacies and develop strategies to manage the social and emotional challenges that they face inside and outside of group • Students will learn how to communicate with their parents, family members, friends and teachers about stuttering

• Students will develop decision learning trees around self-worth, self-advocacy, self-reliance and self-esteem incorporating their personal communication goals.

• Students will be partnered with peer mentors who are on an upward path of progression toward overcoming or have overcome stuttering and are seen as peer leaders. Mentors wills practice the act of giving and work towards

• Audience: middle – high school E1VM participants

• Program length: Year Round

• Program includes: Guest lecturers of successful people who have overcome stuttering, workshops, mentoring, fun activities, fluency skills, speech therapists

• Anticipated Start Date: Jun 2018

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