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Hey, Friends! I’m excited to share my first book with you, “Herbie’s New Home!” Have you ever had to go to a new city, school, neighborhood, church or any new environment? I have. After summer vacation, my sister Sally, my parents and I moved from Maryland to South Carolina. Learn more about how I handled moving to a new home and state by purchasing my new book.

Let’s Party Together

I want to party with you on your birthday! Tell your parents to look for party characters for hire or find constume and mascot rentals near me to bring me along for your next party. I can’t wait to celebrate with you and your friends. We’ll sing, dance, read and have a lot of fun!

Bring Me to Your School or Church

Can I join you in your classroom or at your local church? That’s right, I would love to share my story about how I conquered my issue of stuttering through reading and how your voice matters in overcoming bullying, low self-esteem and low self-confidence. Plus, I’ll sneak in some singing, dancing and fun, too!

A Few Words About My Story

I’m Lil Herbie, I grew up stuttering and have been teased a lot. I used to be afraid to talk to people or in public because I was scared they would laugh and make fun of me. My confidence was low and my self-esteem was shattered. One day, I picked up a book and began reading out loud instead of in my head. By doing this, I slowly began to control my stuttering and started speaking at a normal pace and being my own. I want to teach my friends who stutter, or who deal with any type of issue, how they can overcome bullying, low self-confidence, and low self-esteem by reading just like I did because of Every 1 Voice Matters!

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HERBIE’S NEW HOME (PAPERBACK) Being a grandparent is an amazing job. Having a grandchild that has some challenges can be hard. Herbie was challenged with stuttering, not quite an unfamiliar challenge to his grandmother. She too was challenged with stuttering as a young child. Herbie’s grandmother was determined to make the challenge a lot easier for him, by writing this very affectionate story for Herbie. Children who stutter will experience many different emotions on any given day. Becoming frustrated can be an accelerator to their inability to vocalize their thoughts. These fun books will allow your child to see what he or she can bring to the lives of others, and how special they really are! You can now also search costume, mascot & party character rentals for hire near me in Charleston sc area to celebrate kids birthday with same zeal and pleasure, Presented by Lil Herbie Series.

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